About Us

What Is Film Funding Network?

Finding money for your film is incredibly challenging. Till now the only way to get funding was either through bank lending, which has dried up or film funds which target limited number of projects from known filmmakers. And crowd funding, where the success rate is very low and is mostly meant for small ticket projects.

Six Sigma Films has launched Film Funding Network (FFN) to change the ecosystem of filmmaking in India. It will be good for the health of the industry that is starved of good content & genuine funds. It will improve transparency by removing dependence on middle man in the film industry.

(FFN) is India's biggest platform for film funding & finance connecting a global network of investors, brands and HNIs directly with filmmakers and industry professionals. It is a major step towards directly connecting filmmakers to the investors.

FFN is a place for aspiring filmmakers to raise money for their projects and fulfill their passion and dreams. It further provides investors, film funds and leading corporate to help discover projects of their own choice from a wide range of upcoming films for Investment, In-Film branding & Sponsorships.

This platform is not only for feature films, it is also accessible for short films, documentaries, TV shows, digital content & related activities across all languages. This initiative is not just meant to benefit the new filmmakers but also the major production houses to find new investors & talent.

Filmmakers, Investors, Brands/Corporates can open a Free account on FilmFundingNetwork.com to create a project or discover viable projects. Investors, Brands can connect with filmmakers privately & their profiles will be confidential.

Who Are We?

Film Funding Network is powered by Six Sigma Films who are pioneers & leaders in Film Finance in India & is supported by major players from across industries. Six Sigma Films has successfully organized COFFI Film Finance Conferences and Awards. They were attended by senior film & finance industry veterans, professionals and senior representatives of Films Division, Film Federation of India, Western India Film Producers' Association, Indian Film Exporters Association, NFDC & more.

Six Sigma Films is a Production House with a mission to deliver effectual and captivating world class films with an underlined intention to lend a hand to independent filmmakers & new talent. Six Sigma Films is Top producer & distributor of Short films, Documentaries & our channel is ranked amongst "Top 7 Short Film YouTube Channels Worldwide.

FFN is part of the Banknet Group with experience spanning more than 15 years. It is associated with premier industry associations, business schools & financial institutions. It is a global community of Banking, Finance and IT professionals and top organizer of Financial and Technology Conferences in India

Mr Anurag Khanna, CMD of Film Funding Network is a seasoned banker & known authority in Film Finance. He is a mentor at CIIE, IIM Ahmedabad & is connected with top funds, investment bankers, and eminent filmmakers from all over the world. Advisory Council of FFN comprises of top professionals from the media, entertainment & finance industry.